Dental Crown


Have you ever thought how difficult your life would be without teeth? Yes, indeed it is very scary. To take care of your teeth, dentists are there to help you out. If, in case your tooth is broken or it is not in proper shape and you want to get it rectified, a dental crown can help you.

Dental crown is sort of a cap created as per your tooth size and shape and it is fit on the damaged tooth, so as to restore the original tooth to its normal shape, size and function properly. It is an artificial hollow covering over the damaged tooth, which functions exactly as the normal tooth.
People from any age group can have a damaged tooth. A damaged tooth can be weak tooth, broken tooth, short tooth or poorly shaped tooth. It is important to get it fixed using a dental crown with special dental care.To place a dental crown on a damaged tooth, special care has to be taken and an experienced dentist is suggested. They will usually take an impression of the damaged tooth.

The dentist may place a temporary crown made of stainless steel or acrylic for sometime before the permanent crown suiting your damaged tooth impression is created. Based on the impression of your damaged tooth, they will create an artificial tooth (crown) which fits exactly on your damaged tooth with proper size, shape and color. Once this is done, the crown will act as a normal tooth and you can eat, chew without any difficulties. You will not feel any abnormality in your mouth.

The materials used for making dental crowns are different and they vary based on the requirements. Your dentist will usually figure out which material or a combination has to be used for the crown based on which tooth is damaged.

Few of the most popular materials used for a crown are:

1) Porcelain, which looks as natural as your other teeth. Porcelain caps are mostly used for front tooth.
2) Metal crown like gold, are generally strong and they do not chip down easily. They look odd because of their color. These are mostly used for the back teeth.
3) Porcelain fused to metal crowns are stronger than composite or porcelain caps. They can be colored to match the adjacent teeth.

Visit the dentist today, if you have any problems like a broken tooth or regarding size, shape of the tooth and get an opinion whether you need a dental crown to make your teeth look good and have a beautiful smile.
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