Dental Filling


When you hear the phrase “Going to the Dentist” images of a white room and the sounds of the drill invokes fear and anxiety. Well that is a thing of the past as we have moved out of the dark ages of dentistry into the 21st century which offers a more pleasant and relaxing way of getting the necessary work done in a quick and painless manner. In this article, we will walk you through some of the procedures new ways that doctors like Dr. Simian performs his work at a level far beyond anything you might have seen in the past.

Dental Fillings have Change since your childhood days

One of the most common problems afflicting modern man is cavities and then the necessary work to have them corrected.

Today however, it is a completely different world from what you remember from your childhood days. The advances in technology make finding and repairing cavities fast and easy has dentistry has gone high tech.

Do you recall those bulky X-Ray machines and the painful strip of film you had to put in your mouth? Now, with the advances in dental technology those old X-Ray machines have been replaced by 3D X-Ray Systems that do your whole mouth in seconds and transfers the results almost immediately to the doctor’s display for his diagnosis. Here your teeth are mapped and treatment options are made available for the dentist to choose, from that gives you the best and quickest way to restoring your beautiful smile to better that it was before. After the treatment plan has been explained to you, if it is just one tooth, then in most cases it can be done in under an hour.


What about pain?

Many fear the dentist because of the pain they have experienced in the past. Dr. Simian and other modern dentists have not only changed their approach but also use advance micro-dental tools that are more precise than those used in the last 20 years are. Often under the skilled hands of Dr. Simian, you will feel no discomfort at all and he precisely removes just the decayed or damaged portion of the enamel of the tooth. This in many cases is done in only a few minutes.

What’s Next?

After checking to make sure all decay as been excised Dr. Simian will use one of a number of Space age materials to fill in the missing enamel and rebuilt your tooth better and stronger in most cases than it was before. These new cutting-edge materials (some developed in Japan) will be specially chosen to match your needs and on which tooth is being repaired.

You can always request customized filling materials such as Gold or inlays to make your mouth into a fashion statement. Some people have gemstones such as diamonds and rubies inset to their front teeth. This of course goes beyond the norm and more work will be required to get the right effect desired.

When the material has set into place and sculpted to match the original tooth. New hardening techniques such as an Electrical current, Infrared Heat or a Variable Light Source are used to harden the filling. This advanced procedure takes almost no time to accomplish and you walk out with a new smile that’s ready to dazzle those around you.

Dentistry has changed significantly in the last few years with new tools, materials and in a virtually pain free manner. Dr. Simian is a firm believer in making his clients comfortable, yet gets the highest possible quality in dental care possible using the latest advances in dental science.

So, next time you need to have a tooth filled or repaired call Dr. Simian and his always polite and helpful staff will set you up right away.

You can also just schedule an exam to make sure your teeth are in great shape as well. Remember a beautiful smile opens doors in business and socially, make sure your smile is the best it can be with Dr. Simian’s help.