Dental Implant

For those who have missing or failing teeth, dental implants may be the best option for correcting this problem. Dental implants look like natural, healthy teeth are made to last for the lifetime of the patient. They also have many benefits to those who have them.

In addition to looking like natural teeth, they are also very durable and will not break, chip or crack when certain foods are eaten. With dental implants, people can bite and chew just about any foods they want such as apples, carrots, celery, chewy candy, steak and even corn on the cob without worry. The teeth function like normal teeth and will not move out of place or slip when a person is eating.

Dental implants also keep teeth in place for other activities such as talking, smiling, laughing, kissing and coughing. They are fixed in place and will not slip or shift out of place during any of these normal daily activities, which is very beneficial to those who have them.

With dental implants, people will no longer have to be concerned about getting a cavity, which is a great advantage. Patients will have to schedule an appointment for regular examinations and check-ups to make sure that their gums and mouth are healthy.

Another benefit of dental implants is that they help improve one’s appearance. They do so by helping preserve bone structure and by helping prevent the facial structure from sagging. People, who have missing teeth, tend to have a sagging or sunken appearance. Dental implants eliminate this and helps restore the natural shape of the face

Implants also help protect bone health. When empty spaces are left in the mouth due to tooth loss, it can lead to the deterioration of part of the jawbone. If the jawbone is not supporting the teeth, it begins to lose its firmness and it can become weak. Dental implants help restore, preserve and promote natural bone growth and help to prevent bone loss.

Dental implants also help to build self-esteem. People can enjoy life again without having to worry about their teeth. People often become more socially active after having this procedure. They no longer feel the need to stay at home and begin to feel more comfortable in public because their confidence has been restored.

According to various statistics, the majority of people prefer having dental implants over any other option for missing teeth such as bridges or dentures because implants are very dependable and durable. In addition, they offer a reliable and permanent solution for tooth loss.

There are many benefits of having dental implants. In most cases, dental implants are safe, but there are a few risks associated with this procedure. Infection is one of the most common risks. To discuss this risk and other possible risks of having dental implants and to find out of dental implants are the best option for tooth loss and failing teeth, contact Dr. Siman who is among the top dentists who performs dental implants.