Gummy Smile Treatment

Gingival hyperplasia, also known as gummy smile, can negatively affect the look of one’s smile. It is simply not appealing to the eye. The upper teeth appear to be too short compared to the gum tissue displayed. There are many causes of a gummy smile all of which can be fixed. A very common cause of this problem is excessive gum tissue covering the teeth. As a result the teeth appear to be short although they may be the proper length. Another cause is the manner of which your upper jaw developed and hyperactivity of the muscles that control the upper lip. Depending on the cause, underlying dental problem may be present.

In order to determine the cause and what treatment is best a visit to the dentist is required. An examination will be done as well as x rays and other measures required. During this time the severity of the issue will be determined in addition to identifying and addressing any underlying dental complications.

One gummy smile treatment is a gingivectomy. This procedure corrects the problem by recontouring the gums with a laser or scalpel. During this procedure the dentists will begin by administering local anesthesia. After anesthesia is administered the base of the tooth is approximated and the laser or scalpel is used to expose the natural tooth. Healing occurs within days following the procedure. This gummy smile treatment is only performed in minor cases.

Gingival hyperplasia caused by the manner in which the maxilla or upper jaw developed can be corrected with braces or surgery. Orthodontic braces work by leveling teeth to the proper position. As a result gingival display is reduced and bite is also significantly improved. The process of having orthodontic braces put on takes about 1-2 hours. First, the teeth will be cleaned and dried. Next a bonding glue will be applied to the teeth and the brackets will be attached. Lastly the archwire will be placed into the bracket and secured with elastic bands. In cases that require surgery, the upper jaw will be shifted to fix a gummy smile. Although a more invasive procedure, this may be the only option depending on the severity of the problem.

A gummy smile treatment method for patients with hyperactivity of the muscles controlling the upper lip is lip repositioning surgery. Performed under local anesthesia. lip repositioning limits the retraction of elevator muscles. During this procedure a small portion of tissue is removed from the upper lip and the skin is stitched together. As a result the range of movement is limited thus avoiding the display of too much gum tissue when smiling.

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