Invisalign, made by Align Technology, is an alternative to wire braces that uses transparent aligners to adjust teeth and it can be used to treat the vast majority of common orthodontic problems that teens and adults can have or help in complicated situations.

Whether you want to improve your smile slightly or you need it for more complex treatments, Invisalign always helps. Invisalign is perfect for treatments crowded or spaced teeth and it can also relieve more complex pathologies as deep overbite problems, rotated teeth, spacing, and more. In fact, a certified Invisalign orthodontist can solve almost any treatment using only Invisalign transparent aligners or it can be used in combination with other auxiliary techniques.

Forget problems as food particles getting trapped behind your metal wires, or metal brackets cutting the inside of your lips the whole time, forget going every few weeks to your orthodontist to tight the wires and then feeling pain on your jaw for days. Times have changed. Invisalign will perfect your lifestyle, not change it.

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to position and straighten teeth. The aligners are made of thin, see-through plastic, which fits over the buccal, lingual (palatal) and occlusal surfaces of the teeth and are worn for a minimum of 20 hours per day, being changed and advanced on a 2-weekly basis. That way, you can continue with your daily routine during treatment without any worry. Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign aligners do not irritate your mouth with wires or uncomfortable metal parts. Invisalign aligners are removable, you can remove them in special events or before succumbing to an irresistible snack.

The revolutionary aspect of Invisalign is the scanning in and imaging of high precision casts made from accurate impressions, which are sent to Align Tech where they are scanned into the computer system and sequential orthodontic tooth movements are created, which allows the patient’s teeth to be replicated as an ‘on-screen’ 3D model. This model can be virtually corrected and manipulated through a treatment plan, movement by movement, that the orthodontist will make.

It is natural to want to be always radiant: at work, at school, with your family or with friends. Perhaps you develop your work in front of the public, leading groups or having meetings every day, with Invisalign you can keep doing it. And that’s possible because some of the advantages that Invisalign has are:

• The aligners are nearly invisible, apart from a slight seen to the teeth in close-up. Almost no one will notice you are straightening your teeth!

• It’s easy to use by the patient and comfortable to wear, the aligners are easy to insert and remove.

• The simplicity of care and it has better oral hygiene because the aligners don’t need a special treatment, they only need the common cleanliness of brushing your teeth.

The best way to explore the possibilities that Invisalign offers to you is by visiting a certified Invisalign doctor, and Dr Siman is among the most qualified doctors in this area. Dr Siman can evaluate your specific needs and determine the best treatment plan for you.