Root Canals

Root canals are dental procedures that are done to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or that does become infected a great deal. During the course of a root canal treatment, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are taken out, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned out thoroughly and then sealed. If no treatment is performed on a tooth that is badly decayed or is infected. The tissue that does surround the tooth can become infected and an abscess can form. Root canal is a dental term that is used to describe the natural cavity that is located inside of the center of the tooth itself. The pulp of the tooth or pulp chamber is the very soft part of the root canal itself. The nerve for the tooth is also located inside of the root canal.

Why are root canals required?

Root canals are required as a form of treatment for a sick tooth when the nerve of the tooth does suffer trauma or some form of infection. Some common reasons for root canal therapy do include tooth decay. Tooth decay that has managed to invade the tooth. The decay has gone through the enamel of the tooth to the dentin and to the pulp of the tooth itself. The other reason is if an abscess has occurred, which is a form of infection, and something that can bring on immense pain. Root canals are also done for those who have suffered some form of trauma to the tooth. If a tooth has been chipped or broken. It is more than likely that the nerve of the tooth is exposed. If a tooth is slowly dying, due to aging or past trauma, to the tooth itself, and treatment wasn’t needed at the time that the tooth did become damaged by injury.

Why does tooth pulp need to be removed?

Tooth pulp needs to be removed in a decayed or injured tooth for various reasons. However, the biggest reason is obvious, and that is because it can cause bacteria to multiply within the pulp chamber. This, in turn, will then promote the likelihood of an abscessed tooth. Having an abscessed tooth means that your tooth is infected with bacteria and debris from the decay. Therefore, this can cause infection that can spread way beyond the ends of the roots of the tooth itself. Not only will an abscess occur, but infection can also happen within the root canal to. This infection can cause painful symptoms such as swelling that can spread to other parts of the face, head, and neck. Bone loss can also occur around the tip of the root. There can be drainage problems that can spread outward from the root of the tooth. A hole with drainage can happen from the tooth itself with drainage going into the gums themselves or via the cheek with drainage into the skin.

Root canal therapy is performed to alleviate the suffering that can be caused due to a tooth that is in ill health. It is also done to help fix and save the tooth if at all possible. This procedure is very popular and is used by dentists as a working alternative instead of having to pull the tooth.