Teeth Whitening

Your teeth are some of the important parts of your body that tend to be ignored most of the time. There are very many teeth related problems that many people experience today. One of such problems in discoloration. Discolored teeth can greatly lower your self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, a dentist can help you with this by carrying out any one of the many teeth whitening procedures available today.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Teeth whitening is one of the oldest dental procedures. It helps in eliminating any teeth coloration that may come about due to smoking or even from the foods that you eat. Tea, coffee, wine and black currant juice contain some of the strongest colors that can affect your teeth’s overall color. There are also some antibiotics that can cause teeth to lose their whiteness.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

There are quite a number of different teeth whitening procedures that your dentist can choose from. Remember, the dentist usually picks a procedure depending on the severity of the discoloration. Below are common procedures that he or she may recommend.

Whitening strip and gel is the commonest teeth whitening system. It involves applying very thin strips that are laced with a peroxide based gel for about 30 minutes daily for a period of two weeks. The dentist will advise you exactly on how to fit the strips for them to be effective. If used properly, this procedure can help you get the white teeth that you need after a few weeks.

Tray based teeth whiteners work on the same principle as strips only that the tray resemble a mouth guard. These trays contain a gel and are worn for a couple of hours daily especially at night. If you need to achieve a high degree of whiteness, the dentist will advise you to wear them for a few weeks.

Power whitening is a relatively new teeth whitening procedure that you can also get from your dentist. During this procedure, the dentist paints your teeth with a certain gel then shines a light on them to hasten the whitening process. It is as a result of this light that this procedure is also called laser teeth whitening.

These three are the most common teeth whitening procedures and can be carried out either at home or at the dentist. Even if you do them at home, the dentist will elaborately guide you on each procedure and will also need to assess the progress usually on a weekly basis.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Regardless of the procedure that your dentist goes with, teeth whitening comes with several benefits. Other than just giving you a better smile, this procedure also brightens your teeth removing any stains. This in turn leaves you feeling more confident. Studies also indicate that whiter teeth make people look more attractive and also tend to hide facial wrinkles since people will be interested in looking at your teeth rather than focusing on facial blemishes.

As you can see, teeth whitening is very important, and you should therefore ensure that it is properly carried out by a dentist who is qualified. Dr. Siman is one such dentist who will offer you state of the art dental services and even aftercare in your area.